"I want to celebrate stories and empower individuals."

I love a lot of things, but especially people and their stories. My passion for photography has grown out of both an extreme attention to detail and a constant longing for beautiful aesthetics. I deeply value simplicity, and love creating images that tug on our heart strings. I want to use this art to magnify our authenticity and shine a brighter light on what makes us human. 

I am an extroverted introvert and am constantly fascinated by what I don’t know. My stutter might surprise you at first, but it’s totally cool and it makes me, well, me. I am also a Crossfit coach and I love that it allows me to witness people exceed their own expectations every day. I have fifty-two words tattooed on my body, including four in Latin. My Myers-Briggs type is INFJ. My go-to order at Starbucks is a quad espresso over ice, and no, I don’t need room for cream in that. 

I am a twenty-something year old who’s always felt much older at heart. I have packed my life into a tiny car and driven across the country way too many times. I have two academic degrees and am super proud of those personal accomplishments. I consider myself an ongoing student and hope to never stop learning new things. There are three things that make my heart beat faster: my loving partner, Mary Rose, our Jack Russell puppy Jersey, and helping others feel their worth.

Now you know a little (actually, sort of a lot) about me. So what’s your story? Let’s have a chat over coffee. Let’s create amazing photographs together. I’m all ears. Or lenses. Or both.

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