For his individual clients, Joe offers a standard lifestyle portrait session for those seeking personal branding, senior portraits, or editorial work, and has a specific headshot package for those needing professional close-up images (i.e. LinkedIn, social media, business cards).

Joe also loves, love! For his couples clients, he offers a photoshoot package with a similar pricing structure laid out below. Couples do not need to be engaged or married or even dating - but it is preferred that they do really, really enjoy one another’s company.

Throughout the year, Joe also offers special Mini Session Packages (individual or couples) on select dates that last 20 minutes, include final images and digital delivery. Availability is very limited, so announcements of offerings will be made via social media.

Booking your shoot is super simple - just click the button that says “Let’s Do It!” In order to secure your shoot date, the nonrefundable booking/session fee must be paid in full and is the only commitment required.

Joe does offer all returning clients a discount on booking/session fees ($200 off Lifestyle Portrait and Couples/Engagement Sessions, and $100 off Headshot Sessions).

Portrait Mini Session

20 min. session (total cost) - $149*

(*very limited availability)

Lifestyle Portrait Session (individual)

booking/session fee - $299

Image Pricing

single images (a la carte) - $39 ea.

10 image package - 10% discount

15 image package - 20% discount

30 image package - 30% discount



Headshot Session (individual)

FULL Package Cost - $249*

*includes booking/session fee, and 8-10 final images

(20% student discount available for headshots ONLY)


Headshot Group Sessions (3 or more)

Packages Available Starting at $149 per person

Couples Mini Session

20 min. session (total cost) - $189*

(*very limited availability)

Couples / Engagement Session

booking/session fee - $399

Image Pricing

single images (a la carte) - $49 ea.

10 image package - 10% discount

15 image package - 20% discount

30 image package - 30% discount


10% of all proceeds are donated to TWLOHA, Inc. (for more info click here)

Have something else in mind? A unique project with specific needs?

Please submit all creative project proposals through the contact form below with as many details as possible.

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Questions, Answers, & Details


It’s going to be an absolute blast! When you meet up, Joe will chat with you briefly, but you'll get right into your photoshoot since time is limited. Joe is very laid back and his shoot and the entire process will be as well. There's no need to stress in any way. Photoshoots are a fun experience and this is meant to be exactly that! Whether you’re shooting headshots, senior portraits, editorial work, or engagement photos - if you feel nervous or awkward in any way, that just means you're human and you’re 100% normal! Few people actually LOVE having their photo taken and everyone is insecure in some way or another, even the biggest of celebrities and models. So be at ease and enjoy yourself! Have fun with the process, be YOU, and it’ll also allow Joe to best capture your most genuine self on camera.


Every session is unique and Joe will do his absolute best to make things as easy of a process as possible. For Lifestyle Portrait Sessions, he will be in contact with you once your booking is confirmed to coordinate a location that is both appropriate for your image needs and is mutually accessible for all parties. The same goes for Couples/Engagement Sessions, however, Joe will most likely want to find a location that is also specific to the couple being photographed. For Headshot Sessions, Joe can make the most unique spaces work and travel with most of what he needs to photograph close-ups of his clients on solid colored backdrops. These sessions are incredibly versatile with regards to location, but Joe will be in touch once booking is confirmed.


The only sessions that are strictly time-bound are the exclusive Mini Sessions (individual or couples) offered at specific times throughout the year. These sessions are 20 minutes long, including approximately 15 minutes of shooting and 5 minutes to review some of the images with Joe throughout the shoot. Headshot Sessions are usually scheduled for 20-30 minutes, including 10 minutes to review images throughout the shoot with Joe. His Lifestyle Portrait Sessions usually include about 45-60 minutes of shooting on location, while the Couples/Engagement Sessions can last approximately 60-90 minutes on location. Joe also asks that clients don't have anything super important scheduled close to the end of your session in case we feel we need a little more time with you to best capture the shots.


Feel free to bring a few different options for clothing. The #1 rule for Joe is that you have to love it! If you don’t feel comfortable in it, you most likely won’t shoot well while wearing it. For Lifestyle Portrait Sessions, unless there is a particular event or mood or editorial vibe in mind, it’s good to keep it simple and timeless. There will be a variety of options that Joe will want explore, so it doesn't necessarily matter what you wear coming into the shoot at first if you are bringing options. Wear whatever makes you feel confident in your own skin and most like YOU! For Headshot clients, Joe suggests you bring a range of different cuts, colors, and necklines. Keeping jewelry to a minimum is also great, studs or small earrings work and simple necklaces - anything hanging or chunky will usually draw too much attention to itself. If you have any doubt about whether something will work or not just bring it. For Couples/Engagement clients, the same guidelines apply, but most couples do lean a little more towards the classy and timeless edge of fashion. No matter what though, have some fun with this - if you feel your wardrobe is missing something then go shopping and we’ll keep the tags on it in case you’d like to return the items after the shoot!


No, please arrive camera ready. For women, it is highly recommended to have your makeup done in a very natural, clean and simple look. Joe also would encourage women to have their hair ready the way you would like to present yourself. Joe wants your hair in your photos to be as close as possible to the way you look on a fantastic hair day and can't have you showing up for your photos as if you just rolled out of bed (unless that's the look you're going for, lol). The same goes for men and their hair situation. However, if men would like to shoot with facial hair for their Headshot Sessions, feel free to come in with whatever level of growth you’d like and then we can shave or trim it down once we’ve gotten the scruff covered. Bring whatever grooming products you’ll need with you to get it done.


All that is due at the time of booking to secure your shoot date is the booking/session fee listed above for your specific type of shoot. Once you click the “Let’s Do It!” button, you will be redirected to a simple online step-by-step process: select your shoot type, then select one of the available dates in bold on the calendar that appears, select an appointment time, fill in some personal information and then proceed to payment. The booking/session fee is nonrefundable and is due in FULL in order to confirm your shoot date/time. For Lifestyle Portrait and Couples/Engagement Sessions, Joe will schedule a follow up date/time with you to review final edits from the photoshoot in person or online. At this time, you will have the option to purchase your favorite images a la carte or select a discounted image package of 10, 15, or 30 images. The booking/session fee for Mini Sessions (individual or couples) and Headshot Sessions includes 8-10 final edits and digital delivery in the pricing. Joe Ward Photography accepts cash, as well as all major credit cards, even including Apple Pay.


For Lifestyle Portrait and Couples/Engagement clients, Joe will work through and select the BEST images from your session to present to you during your follow-up meeting. Once your favorites have been picked and gushed over, he will send you an email with a unique Dropbox link to download them within one week after purchase. For Headshot and Mini Session (individual or couples) clients, final edits will be directly emailed to you with a unique Dropbox link to download them from within one week after shoot date.


Joe would REALLY prefer you not edit your photos after you receive them in any way whatsoever, for the same reasons you wouldn’t paint over a painting that someone has put hard work into and made for you. Everything he does during the entire process is very thought out and purposeful. He knows those VSCO presets or Instagram filters are tempting to use, but please do not further edit your images in any way. Joe also will never provide RAW or unedited images to any clients for a plethora of reasons, including both quality control of his product and also the fact that it takes away from so much of the magic that you are paying for in choosing his photography services . Please don’t even ask :)


Yes, but it’s complicated. If you want your images to be used for commercial purposes (advertising, book covers, etc.), there will be additional costs and those will have to be negotiated separately with Joe and his business manager. So please let Joe know before or during your shoot if you’d like to negotiate that. You may use your photographs on your business cards, on your website and as a general publicity headshot at no additional charge. Posting your images to social media is great and highly encouraged, but they may not be used for any commercial uses unless negotiated separately with a different contract. Why? One of the major reasons being that offering commercial shoots at the price points listed above would be significantly undercutting the entire photography industry. Please note: by booking a photo session described above, you are agreeing that you’ll only use your photographs for personal use and social media, not commercial use. You are also agreeing that Joe Ward Photography owns the rights to all images created.


Joe would do just about anything for a cold brew float, with vanilla ice cream and a splash of bourbon (maybe more than a splash).


Please fill out the contact form above. It’s totally fine, just make sure to bring Joe a grande Nitro Cold Brew as a barter for him to solve all of your riddles.

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